I am a 20-something year old, self taught nature photographer, from Norway.
I've been photographing for the better part of a decade now (and I'm still learning).

I also make comics and dabble in other, more conventional, types of art,
and I do some translating now and then. I'm fluent in Norwegian (of course),
Swedish and English (both UK and US), and I have some rudimentary skills
in French and German.


A very good friend of mine has convinced me I deserve a new tattoo :3 so in case anyone wants to help me out with getting the money needed I've set up a PayPal donate thingie :) Just klick the donate button if you're interested in helping out.


Below are some of my photos, organized in picasa web-albums. Just click on the album you wish to browse. I also have a few online portfolios which can be viewed here (Carbonmade) and here (ArtworkFolio).

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Portfolio ... Land, Sky, Water -Scapes ... Taking a Closer Look ... Iceland

About Me

I have only recently started to sell my photos and risen to the base level of where I want to be. I still see myself becoming much better than I am, but it's a slow process, and since I struggle a lot with my health I don't get to be as active and go as far as I'd like, but I do what I can with what I have. And what I have is a trusty Canon EOS 40D with a wide array of lenses.

My presence on the internet has become quite wide-spread the last few years, and to the right on this page you can see buttons that link to my various other pages on the web. If you're curious you can click on any one of them and see my other pages. This site was created as sort of a "hub" to connect all the dots. My very own roadmap on the net if you will ;)

Guide to the right hand side buttons: First off there's my official Facebook page for my photograps. Then there's my Google+ profile page and then my Google+ photography page (which I must admit is horribly neglected). The large B leads to my photography Blog, and next there's a link to my twitter-account and my ArtFlakes page (where it's possible to buy some of my photos). Next in line is my DeviantArt page, my LinkedIn profile, and last (but not least) my Last.fm profile which displays all the music I like and listen to.

Contact Me

If you would like to contact me, please send me an e-mail at nanuen@gmail.com

If you are interested in buying any of my photographs they are available on my deviantArt and Artflakes prints-pages which you can find more information about under "Purchase" in the site menu. If there are any photographs you've seen on this page that are not on the deviantArt or Artflakes pages, let me know and I will make them available to you.

If you have any questions about me or my artwork, please feel free to contact me via e-mail.

However, do keep in mind that at this time I do not take assignments and I do not photograph people. (The above featured Kristine W.S. it the only exception).


If you are interested in buying any of my photographs they can be found on two online gallery-sites that offer safe and reasonably priced printing and shipping.

buy posters and art prints

The fist one of these sites is Artflakes.com which is based in Germany and ships all over Europe. Most of my photographs can be found there, but if there are any you would like (but can't find it) don't hesitate to contact me, and I will gladly make the photograph in question available to you.

More information about ordering and shipping on Artflakes: Order faq

The second site is Deviantart.com which is based in the US and ships all over the world. As with the Artflakes site, most of my photographs can be found there, but if there are any you would like (but can't find it) don't hesitate to contact me.

More information about shipping and handling on DeviantArt: Shop help

Both sites accepts payment via PayPal and credit cards (and other options you can read about on the sites or on the FAQ-pages I linked to above), and I recieve 30% of the retail price.